All day long I have been telling my self ‘2nd of May’ what was special of this day. So many times I tried to remind myself but in vain. There has to be something bout 2nd of May.

At around 10 pm, I got an sms “The worst specie of friend you are. Thanks any way” Suddenly the lightning struck. It was her First Wedding Anniversary. I felt so miserable. Didn’t know what to do. Saying “I am sorry” seemed to be a sattire, like jale pe namak chirakhnaI could nothing but keep quite. Its one of these moments when you can count upon your true friends… you commit the stupidest (i know i coined the word) of all mistake and yet be certain You would be forgiven. I can be rest assured tomorrow when I call her it will take some time to break the ice…..there would be silence at both ends, she will answer my queries in mono syllables and then she will burst yell a lot at me, I would be the silent listener and then everything would be just the way it should be.