Certain train accident occurred in Japan Couple of Week’s back. I remember Laloo saying “humko Japan wa de dijiye hum uka ek saptah mein Bihar bana deyi”. Well, that I thought was exaggeration on his part but ‘Jesus’ how ignorant have I been about the Super-powers of Laloo…He is the Railway Minister here in India and Trains getting derailed there in Japan. Ab Japan door nahin.

The other day Dad came from office and told me “I have learnt how to do copy pasting on MS word document. “Ok great! Show me how would you do it.” I opened a rough doc and asked him to copy certain part from there to a new doc. This is what Dad did….
1. See the background of this portion is black that means I have selected it.
2. Then I open and a new document by control N (a little wait)…aah here is the new document
3. Now I simply click on the blank space……….????????? Why doesn’t it works.

Apparently they never told dad that after you have selected, you also gotta copy it and also gotta paste. He never used the right click. Lol.

But he is picking up. After spending 40 long years in a Central Government Gezetted post he was retired this January. His only dream to be fulfilled after retirement was to get the grocery and vegetable, take jango for a walk, laze around and spend a lot of quality time catching up with all Garam Dharam (his Idol) flicks. Alas, on 1st of Feb he got the offer and joined one of the top most Law Firms in India on 3rd. Since then everyday has been a day full of adventure and exploration, surprises and confusions for him. It surprises him to see all these world class lawyers themselves walking up to the coffee machine, there’s no concept of peon no babudom. No one fills a jug full of cold water even before he reaches the office any more…No one changes his seat towels every day any more…There’s no one to rush to his table saying “ji saab” every time he bangs on the bell any more…And what surprises him the most is that it’s not only him who is deprived of these luxuries but every one right from the owner the big boss to the junior most trainee.
Well dad I believe you are getting to see the best of both worlds. Sorry, You still can’t catch up with Mr. Dharam.

Its amazing how some people never follow the trend. When every one been saying “hey send me an sms“. He’ll say, “honey text me up“.

Samy will you call me, been ill for two days…or text me. though don hav no right nemore but been missing u.”
That’s one of the sweetest sms i have ever recieved. The other ones too were from him. This one brought tears – “honey i kno whre it hurts, twasn’t a casual call, called coz i ws rude, called to say sorry (although he never said the words) pls get over it honey” One of the most recurring ones were som thing like this “thanks for helping me get myself i will make u so happier than others,thanks for bearing me love u lots.” OR “honey u make me hyper.lol, lov u samy n miss u lots. wat abt a lunch somewhr just u n me? This one was on the last days “samy i talk home they r sayin knowingly they wont allow us to marry otherwise the decision will be mine for which they will be very much hurt

Your love for me was real I know
It’s just that you were too weak to stand up for your love
I don’t blame you for any thing
I know it isn’t easy for you to be happy
but we both have to be
life goes on…….try to find some happiness for yourself
Don’t worry bout me.