From 11pm on Wednesday night till 4 am Thursday morning, what India witnessed is a brand new terrorism, improvised to produce unprecedented results, the kind of terror that was not felt or seen ever before. An act of terrorism which is no less than a war.

I started following the news on TV, simultaneously I started tweeting what I saw on TV, then I wrote a Mutiny post. Initially there were a lot of confusion it only started with indiscriminate firing from a mere pub as hours passed horror started spreading, much as the fire on Taj.

’18 died, several injured’ soon turned to ’70 killed hundreds injured’, Police men started dying, 7 of them including 3 top ranking. ATS chief Hemant Karakare injured DEAD. He died even before I could publish the Mutiny post. At one point it seemed like there was a possibility of this attack turning into a hostage situation, as there were many tourist held as hostages inside the Taj by terrorist. We could hear several gun shots coming out of Taj live on TV. Grenade attacks caused a huge fire on the top floors of Taj. It was our WTC, the building was up in flames live on TV we watched helplessly.

Then it came under control. Hostages started getting rescued. Though even as I write this, there are still more people inside Taj and some gun shots are still are being heard fron Trident.

Meanwhile, the nation have been wide awake monitoring every step of this mayhem. Hundreds of micro bloggers on Twitter have been continuously giving out vital information like Mumbai Police’s emergency numbers, ‘I am safe’ messages to the near and dear ones. Prominent bloggers of the nation have already set up the help Mumbai page. Vinu risk going out to the spot to take live photographs and soon uploaded them on Flickr. A wiki page is already been made.

Now its 5 am. We all must sleep for a bit to be able reach work at 9 am. That sounds so simple isn’t it? We’d all reach work in time, carry on with our lives, they would say Mumbai city is back to life, what a great spirit. Way to go.

But what were we doing watching this terror all night? What for? Is it because we are concerned or is it because it was thrilling? Why did so many of us stay awake all night tweeting every thing we watched on TV or heard from friends who were there? After all where does all these lead us to? Nowhere new at least. We’d go exactly where we always have been going. In Mumbai school colleges and offices would stay closed but my boss in Bangalore or Delhi or Singapore won’t understand why I am even late will they?

What do we do? What are the oh-so-concerned new / social media users who showed concern all night going to do? What can we do?

How many blasts must we face before we retaliate?