We owe it to this nation.

Let us meet up at Cubbon Park this Sunday at 6 pm, light up a few candles, salute the heros, pray for the deceased souls and make a firm statement to the ‘system.’

Our message, “Say ‘no’ to getting used to terrorism”, we would not forget and move on to face another attack. Bring a candle, bring all your questions, all your thoughts, from “where is the president / where is Raj Thackrey, to When will we ever retaliate,”

We would make a list of all our thoughts and send them to the officials.

Sunday, 30th Nov, 6 pm
Cubbon Park, Bangalore.
Contact me @ 9900119681

Mark your attendance at the FaceBook Events page.

Ps. Avoid all kind of media attention, we are not doing this for publicity.