While Indian social media was outraging over the Airtel commercial where the wife/boss goes home and cooks for husband/subordinate, another kind of social media outrage was going on in America. Bunch of women posted their selfies holding placards that gave ground braking justification to why they don’t need feminism. Obviously feminists are outraged. Nobody is surprised though, throughout the history of feminism, there have been women who didn’t know a shit about gender, patriarchy and feminism and were idiots enough to claim they don’t need feminism.

Privileged women who have not faced inequality and oppression have made feminism into a bad word. They talk in first person, “I don’t need feminism” without ever giving a shit about those who aren’t so privileged – do they need feminism? Feminism is the radical notion that women are people with equal rights as men. If you believe in this, you are a feminist. If you don’t get this and you say I am against feminism but I am pro-equality then you are a fucking confused cat against feminism.

I know plenty of such confused cats against feminism. These are intelligent well read well informed women but they have never opened up their mind and tried to see what feminism really is. They live in their own bubble where they don’t need feminism. Somebody told them feminism is about hating men and they actually believed in it. I wonder if they don’t even have the most basic information that feminism began with asking for voting rights for women, equal pay for equal work etc. When did the feminists ever demand the rights to hate men or oppress them? Which definition of feminism and which history have these women against feminist read? Ask them and they won’t have a bloody answer.

The tumblr ‘Confused Cats Against Feminism’ (Pic courtesy) is one of the best reaction to these idiotic anti feminism pro equality women and its started by a man. Another strong reaction ‘Why don’t these ‘Women Against Feminism’ get their sweet asses back in the kitchen?’ also came from a man. These are feminist men. Oops I think I just confused the cats even more by the mention of something called ‘feminist men’ like how is that possible, isn’t it about women hating men?