This is a teaser to a new series of short videos I am going to launch featuring some of the All India Professional Congress Fellows. Who are the AIPC Fellows?

In the 84th Plenary Session of the Indian National Congress, Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that he wants to break down the wall. Pointing at the empty stage behind him he said, “This stage have been emptied for you. I want to bring talents all over the place to this stage.”

The Congress party has gone through an overhauling in last few years. With a new President in a brand new avatar of his own, the party is capturing the nation’s imagination, particularly of those 69% who didn’t vote for BJP in 2014 general elections. A vibrant community of forward looking highly educated professionals and technical experts from various fields have joined congress’s newly established body, All India Professional Congress (AIPC) and are gearing up to fill that empty stage.

BJP may keep asserting its dream of a “Congress mukt bharat” but much to their dismay the AIPC is giving a space and bringing in its fold, a band of vast talent and intellect, as young professionals who still believe in the idea of India feel drawn into politics worried about the abysmal state we are in.

Broad Context:

There is a massive tectonic shift in the Indian political scene. The vision with which this nation was built is under threat today. What is most worrying is not that institutions and pillars of democracy are threatened. It is not even that individual’s personal liberties are threatened. The most worrying part is that the very “idea of India” is threatened today, so much so that this phrase has become a slur. With a systematic sinister campaign, an entire generation is about to forget what we inherited.

Of the many challenges before us therefore is to re-articulate, reclaim and protect this “idea of India”. What is it? Why should this be our prime beacon to show us the way through darkness, and how can we protect it? Why only Congress party can protect this idea, what motivates the Fellows to join congress? Along with, the project will also explore What is AIPC, how is it an unique initiative to involve professionals in politics, AIPC bottom up approach keeping in tune with Congress President’s aim to break down the wall and so on.

These are some of the questions I am trying to address through this series.

This is a self funded self initiated series, if any media house is willing to publish this, I will be very happy to collaborate.

First Teaser featuring Anand Mathew, IT Entrepreneur from Bengaluru, who runs a mid size IT company. Anand’s life was all good, no reason to worry until 2014, when Indian politics had a tectonic shift. He got worried about the future India in which his children are growing up. A successful professional with offices around the world Anand could have easily moved out of India to a first world and mature democracy but he didn’t. He refused to run away, but decided to do his part to protect the idea of India by joining AIPC. Watch this clip below