Tracking the various post-truth narrative counter narrative built by India’s BJP RSS supporting right wing. This is case 1 on this blog. There are at least 50 I have in my mind. About Post-Truth politics in India read this , about truth and why we pursue it, read this.

We are living in post-truth era where people have completely lost all sense of true and false, right and wrong. They have lost all sense of ethics, propriety, lost the moral compass altogether.

No matter what the issues is, whether an eight year old girl is brutally raped and murdered or the killing of Muslim man on camera in front of a teenage boy who shoots it – in every matter the right wing people build a counter narrative bereft of facts, logic and ethics. Only full of hate. The right wing will always find excuses to rapists, killers, haters. They rally in support of mob lynching, they are saying those 49 filmmakers who wrote a letter to the PM to stop mob lynching are anti-national. They disrupted law and order and took out rallies for the sake the men who raped the 8 year old girl in Kashmir. Not just social media but mainstream media like Zee TV also supproted and today, Court have convicted them.

Right wing’s narrative is always based on pure hate and blood lust. They can never stand united with humanity, in their hate they even supported Shambhulal Regar who brutally killed a Muslim man for absolute no reason. Everyday they support mob lynchers. BJP’s minister actually puts garland around them and give them sweets. It is scary how poisonous Indian people have become. They carry this hate around in their hearts. They carry a mob mentality without leaving a space for dialogues

The latest in this list is the incident with Zomato. My tweet on the issue was featured on the Quint Story, ‘Food Has No Religion’: Zomato to Customer Wanting Hindu Rider’

Post-truth narrative by India’s right wing

There are some truth which are whole truth, fundamental truth. Which cannot be doubted. Quest for truth gives us knowledge and knowledge gives us our sense of right, wrong, morals, ethics. It builds our character and identity. Killing is bad. This is a whole truth. But even then we do consider subjectivity. Therefore law grants various defences based upon subject’s experience and motives to murder, like self defence, insanity, fed up of domestic violence etc. The punishment is decreased as per the defence, but nobody is completely absolved of murder. But in India’s post-truth narrative the right wing has supported killers who killed for no other reason but that the victim was a Muslim.

Zomato incident also has a whole truth. When we grow up, one of the first thing our parents teach us not to be rude, not to be prejudiced, have mutual respect and civility for fellow humans. Don’t hate anybody because of their sex, skin colour, religion or language. A Hindu man telling that I cannot eat the food carried by a Muslim man is just a “wrong thing to do”. This is a whole truth. It cannot have any other way of looking, it cannot be that oh sometimes we can hate people because of their religion. No. You never can. That is called racism and it is prohibited by law, like rape and murder. But since yesterday, right wing are trending multiple hashtags attacking Zomato, showing support to the most uncouth filthy man who expressed the hightest level of racism and religious hate. From morning today to around 7 pm two hashtags #ZomatoUninstalled and #BoycottUberEats were trending. Yesterday they were trending #IStandWithAmit, ‘Halal’ and #BoycottZomato now they are targeting Zomato in different ways including sharing random sex videos and using hashtag #ZomatoExposed.

Just see below some of the tweets.

Notice that this bigoted false narrative is being peddled by educated elite blue tick holders. Zomato is not a restaurant, they don’t cook food but only delivers. So what is this moron asking?

The post-truth: Zomato promotes Halal food. Zomato hates Hindus. Zomato is not letting Hindus the food of their choice. Zomato is forcing Halal food down Hindus throat. They found one screenshot, just one, thousands of tweets, trending at no.1 for so long but they all have copy paste content, that one screenshot of a Muslim man who cancelled order because the food was not halal. Right wing is trying to say by cancelling his order Zomato catered to Muslim food choice. But in case of Hindu food choice Zomato is saying “food has no religion”

The Truth: By cancelling the Muslim man’s order Zomato protected his food choice, not people choice. The two cases are not same. Facts are totally different, but that’s what happening in every issue. They create the alternative narrative without facts or lies. That Muslim man ordered Halal food, paid for Halal, but the delivery was not correct. So Zomato was simply rectifying a wrong order. But in a country where citizens are equal you cannot say one citizen cannot carry my food. That is being selective about the citizen not the food.

The Truth: Zomato cannot force halal food down anybody’s throat because they neither cook food nor deliver free food. You get what you ask for, if you order Jhatka, you will get jhatka. But Hindus do not have any such thing as Jhatka or Halal. That was the beauty of Hindu religion, no rules. We could eat anything edible. Now they are trending waging a war against halal food. My feeling is after Triple Talaq, they will seek ban on Halal food in name of saving animals from Muslims.

It is obvious that the real reason behind so much backlash is that Zomato specifically dared the right wing by saying “we are not sorry to lose any business that comes in the way of our values”. They probably anticipated that like in the past, right wing will downrate and uninstall Zomato but they dared them anyway.

What is wrong in cancelling food delivered by Muslim boy asks this person. This is post-truth, that this is even a question. That this is wrong should be as obvious as the sun and moon but this guy is actually asking it. There are more such examples.

Many have pointed out the obvious but note, the truth gets no Likes and Share because they are alone. But right wing social media is a body, an organization, they are working together, fueled by RSS/BJP for almost 10 years now.

You can have a choice in food, veg, non-veg, halal, jhatka. You cannot have choice of people. You cannot chose or reject a human a fellow citizen based upon their religion. But that’s what right wing doing so proudly and they are getting all the attention, and more polarizing is happening.

Today by evening the guy has deleted his Twitter. Police has sent him notice. And right wing Twitter crowd is now targeting Zomato for other things, like wrong billing or giving them bad rating on the app. Some are also sharing sex videos.

Right wing is thoroughly idiotic

One thing to note in post-truth narratives which are built on social media is that most Twitter handles who actively trend the topic are always very unscrupulous, seen to have changed ideology multiple times, and almost all of them sleazy and sexual perverts. In this case, the man who started this had been posting vulgar comments on woman’s tweets and requesting the PM to follow him.

One guy, whose stupid tweet has been Liked 3k times just see what his background is…he has been abusing Modi, of all people.

Funnily enough, within hours of this blowing out of proportion, he changed his handle from Namo Sarkar to his proper name.

Some tweets on solidarity

Targeting halal food