This Is My Truth

Dreams, desire, hopes, expectations, a touch a kiss, a long road, a destination unknown…this is my truth. A collection of writing by a woman unconventional, unapologetic and un-every order.


One of Delhi’s top female photographers, my work have been published by various media outlet across the globe.

Please visit my photography website for more,

15 thoughts on “Photography

  1. Pavan,

    Just an input.

    ‘A photograph is as good as a photographer.’

    See the sunset at Taj which seconds the above statement.

    Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed the pics and style of of it. In some pics you used the shutter speed and aperture excellently.



  2. Hi Sankalp, thanks for the kind words. Well I use an ordinary point and shoot. Sony Cybershot 5.3 mpixel…

    I don’t know anything about shutter speed or any other aperture. no really I am being honest :)

    I just see something interesting and click it. If it comes nice i upload here, a lot of them come badly too :)


  3. true art often comes from being reluctant..too much technical precission turns ur art into craft….Suddha


  4. Great shots you got there…keep it up…just loved the black and white ones and everything else…all the best for your future endeavors.


  5. No, I am not a professional, neither do I have the right to say that I an a photographer. All I can say, is this is excellent. I love them. And pls carry on


  6. Hey, How are you? Good to see you here with a new imagination, collection of pictures, a new Sanjukta after a long time. Your status takes me here and get to know about you.

    Wonderful thougth.

    Good Going…Keep it up.

    Rahul Barman


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